This World Of Varieties has issues of various assortments  Issues that came after man ventured on Earth Issues in which didn't appear through pathogenesis  It was because of man's Doing  This world is cool..only if we don't do terrible stuffs into it  Laws are made to stipulate it (The World) In any case, man will Manipulate it  It is said that, in this life we battle numerous Wars  from birth to death  War of survival, war of character and so forth  Be that as it may, it appears to  99percent of the war(s) isn't our own to battle, legitimately it wasn't begun by the greater part of us  However, we. Think that its cool to be at the Battle bleeding edge regardless of whether we have no clue what the war is even about  All we require is "the things we were told" and we are " g2g"  I Thought the human cerebrum was said to incline toward arrange out of turmoil?  Like when a musician punches some


 "A Man Spurned, is a ticking time bomb!? Cause That's way BADDER..."  Although I wonder why they are always trying so hard to convince us that they are not capable of HUMAN attributes cause those specie have been aggressively preaching "We don't get affected" like they are🤔..I don't know, a kind of special creature unknown to science yet ? Probably because they have already been pronounced as the " Weaker sex" by science( Just browse what that means before you start boiling)   So it wouldn't be nice if they don't get compensated by societal attribution (Gender: Male : The Strong one) Last I Checked : Creatures React ,And Reacting Shouldn't be regarded as WEAK , after all its an attribute of what you are =MAN !  So all these AGGRESIVE EVANGELISM about "Always Cool" is kinda useless , denying what you are because of? ( You know the answer) But I will guess "EGO" so no matter how big your Ego is, MAN as


Dear Aliya  , I know you will be shocked to get a letter from me however I had no other choice to turn to. Your contemplations have been always running in my brain for the duration of the night as it spouted like a breeze in my heart. Each time I consider you, I am hit with clashing feelings and I don't know how to express or pass on myself. You don't recognize what you have done to me and now I can't consider anything past you. In this way, I chose to keep in touch with you an affection letter. I know it's somewhat senseless yet I thought I'd attempt in any case. My darling holy messenger, I am almost frantic about you, as much as one can be distraught: I can't unite two thoughts that you don't intervene yourself between them. I can never again consider anything other than you. Regardless of myself, my creative energy conveys me to you. I get a handle on you, I kiss you, I touch you, a thousand of the most affectionate strokes claim me. With

100% PRIVACY & FREEDOM: Fact or Feigned (TECHNOLOGY)

... "I love my 100% both, and I will NEVER DO ANYTHING  to jeopardize that "...(I hope that's true) Well, If our various country’s authority had suggested something like " We will want you to wear this DEVICE as necklace everyday! It's a must, it's job is to track your every activity so that we can be involved in your private life We want to see your every damn messages you send to your concubine while your spouses are at home, we need to know every porn video you've watched while claiming to be holy out there The things you jot in your note pad that you need to be secret to you alone What you are when people are not looking, The places you sneak to at inappropriate times...and a lot of others things you do.. How loud you snore?, how bad your mouth odour is?...or how ugly you look without a makeover? Or probably the intensity of the LIE in the  word "I love you" whenever you utter it to some.? Of course we wouldn't want a d


I have got this slay queen pal who is always the first to invent picture postures, sleek make over, smooth talker Is there anything like having a talent in knowing how to press QWERTY buttons? Well she has that, she is just so Wow! the most sought after , am like non- existing where she is She is Soooo Creative! But definitely not with cooking "JULIANNA  Coman cook na!" The Statement that Started THE WORST DISASTER of the century "Oh kay! Ziyadah, You gonna love mah reci-PEE " so goes the WARNING which was sounding itself through a mega phone but I was too deaf at the moment to hear for I was hungry and even my name sounded like food The Food Came and the Aroma was really SMELLING like PEE Yeah! That was the Salt telling me "Hey! Am in here in large amount" My first taste was like a war zone, can't really deduce if the rice was soaked or boiled because I could no longer feel my tongue enough to actually know what the stew tasted like I had to

An Extension Of : WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

Hey u there @ I KNOW How are you this Wednesday morning? Actually Your "Wednesday Morning " is not what I have business with... What you know is what you know, no matter how convincing It doesn't mean it's "What is" And it doesn't  mean others should accept what you know In fact they shouldn't because LIFE Can be viewed from different ANGLES Life would have been cool if we stick to our different knowledge It seemed to be working for you..COOL! Their view is working for them too So, what's the Krazyness all about? This Earth isn't bad only that we keep doing Bad shits into it However, I am obliged to inform you that;you need to enroll into a Mentally Retarded Clinic when you notice any of these symptoms - Aggressively wanting people to accept ur theory - Feeling uneasy when someone doesn't agree with your view -You automatically believe there shouldn't be a counter opinion to your view -and where there is ,You hate Yu


The World War was/is said to have finally come to an end in  1945 but it seems it was just a FROZEN WAR (An abandoned war which can resume at the slightest triggering) , because the tension is still there. Japan is still blaming, Germany is still hating, America is still pointing fingers and the people who are outside the War zone seems to support the ones they feel was the "Good -One" BUT... You perceived  AXIS POWERS as the enemy  because the story was revealed to you from the VICTORIOUS ALLY's side - And - You perceived VICTORIOUS ALLY as the Enemy  because The story was revealed  From the AXIS POWERS' side - No Bad One Or Good One They were both BELLIGERENTS ...That's How it goes in War between  "CONTENDING" parties State Vs State State Vs Group Group Vs Group Individual Vs Individual I.e Civil War,Guerrilla, Nuclear War,Biological war and whatever war is in existence that humans are capable of engaging theirself, spiritual war